Let’s Play: What’s Your Excuse?


I think I may have to expand my definition of “not dating” to include any attempts, not just those that involve me lusting after people from online and/or afar.  I hadn’t planned on any other options coming up when I put the kibosh on it all but I didn’t expect any other scenarios to come up either.

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I Heart Love

I am sharing this because of today’s decision by the US Supreme Court on marriage equality and my personal role as a parent, as a friend, and as a member of the human race.   Plus, despite my luck, I am a hopeless romantic and love…well, love.

This sums up how I feel and why I speak up as a person who has been free to marry and start a family without the law getting in the way.

I got the image on Pinterest and, despite searching backwards via links, cannot find the original source. 
I don’t know Pigpool’s sexual orientation, but he’s an ally at the very least.

Disagree with part or any of today’s decision or my thoughts?  Then share…on your page.  Don’t start a fight on someone else’s celebration post (and for supporters, don’t gloat on someone’s own blog rebuttal to this decision).    Civil debate is usually welcomed, but I don’t want to do that today.  Today’s for rainbows and hearts for those who agree. If my friends can wait this long to get married, we can certainly wait a little longer to discuss differing views.

3-Day Quote Challenge: The Final 3rd


I took on this challenge thinking it was:

1.  Easy, and

2.  Not hard to do.

It helped that decided I wasn’t going to use current events or other serious topics, including my current mood, to influence the quotes I picked for this challenge.  That’s why for days one and two, I quoted Dr. Seuss .

Rather than do that for day three, I decided to pull a quote from one of mine and kidlet’s favorite movies to watch when we need a dose of laughter.

Kidlet cut his hair, so now it looks exactly like a lighter version of Lego dude’s. No blue or pink in my hair today though.

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