NEDA Week: Short and Not-So-Sweet


I was lucky.  I was never bullied at school.

I was teased for having red hair, freckles and, until fourth grade, being the tallest kid in the class.  The usual “not fitting the norm” stuff.  Other than those things, I spent most of my school years being completely ignored.

At home was a different story.

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NEDA Week: It Goes Both Ways

One of the issues I have had since I got to be overweight was the struggle with losing weight while having an eating disorder. Technically, I need to lose _____ (number between 25 and 75) pounds. It gets tricky when you figure I have to be on a diet that I can’t obsess over and come up with a “healthy” exercise routine.

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Revisiting…My First 100 Reasons to Recover

This is a copy from a post I wrote last year about my reasons for trying to keep fighting for recovery from my various issues.  

Nothing has changed from this list, really.  I am still fighting, still trying to do my best.  Some days are better than others, but isn’t that true for everyone for one reason or another?  

Sometimes seeing something like this (again) is a good kickstart for me to remember where I am going, been, etc.  Overly simple? Maybe, but it’s true for me…so maybe it is for you or someone else who finds this today.


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