Relationship Woes

I was going to look at theme options on here (quit whingeing, I am still searching for the perfect theme for you to view this site) when I got this message from WP:


It says “Cheatin’ uh?” in case you can’t see it well.


Well, well, well, WP.  Nice of you to put options out there and then get all butthurt* about it when I go to explore them.  Who could blame me for wanting to look at other themes?   Like this wasn’t enough already:

wpid-beepboopIs this how you will react to everything I do on here now?  Accusations and impatience?

Stop being such a nag, WP.  Please.

*butthurt– to become needlessly, overly offended by something; replaces “pain in the butt” in young’uns’ conversations these days.  

Memorial Service Details


Please continue to keep Rara and family in your thoughts during this time.

Originally posted on The Matticus Kingdom:

Dave’s (Grayson Queen’s) service is going to be this coming Saturday (May 23, 2015) at the Corpus Christi Church in Corona, California at 10 AM PST.

3760 North McKinley Street
Corona, CA 92879-1956

Please help me spread the word again, so those who might be interested in attending have enough warning to make arrangements.  I’ll be there for sure…

And, an update on Rara’s address:

Radhika Jaini WF0124
16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880

Keep the RawrLove letters headed her direction. Thank you.

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How Did You Get Here?

This blog doesn’t get too many hits from unusual search terms. For example, this space gets hit for one or more of the following daily:

  • I am sad
  • Feeling sad and blue
  • Depression
  • Fuck them quotes
  • Moving on
  • Eating disorder

Weekly, I get these:

  • Tupac quotes – Related to the “fuck them quotes” above.
  • Letter to stepmom/stepchild/etc. – Probably from this post.
  • Unicorns – Not the creatures, but as related to polyamory. Sorry to disappoint anyone who finds me via this term.  I am not one, nor do I want to be :)
  • Cute spider cartoon – I used a picture of this on a post, but if you keep reading, you see the REAL spider that the post was about.  
  • Beavis and Butthead fire
  • How to get (whatever color) nails – Buy polish.  Use polish.  Done.
  • Banksy

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