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That Time I Found a Girff

There once was a blogger person named Sheena (or so she says…we all know it’s probably an alias or music reference).  Sheena liked to meet all sorts of peeps on the internets, especially through the Magical World of Word Press.

One day, in the distance, Sheena saw an interesting girff. 

There are no Lego girffs, or at least I don't own any yet.

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Have a Swingin’ Good Day!

August 1st is Spider-Man Day.  Of course, being the major Spidey fan that I am, I had NO CLUE about this.

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Back to (Somewhat) Regular Programming

Life is still crazy, but I miss y’all like crazy.

Sure, I’ve posted here and there but nothing like I want to.  Same for reading and commenting on your blogs.  Luckily, I think I am back to where I can start being here more.


Now, I’ve noticed based on the response to the post I reblogged yesterday , and comments here and there, that some of y’all kinda like Lego-y things.

Since I have a nice-but-reasonably-controlled collection of minifigures and such, and I want to do more with photography/phonetography, I thought I would find out what ideas you have for me to start featuring them more on here, Instagram, etc.

So, fire away.  What would you like me to do with my crazy collection of random Legos and other “cute” toys?  Just keep randomly putting them into posts like I do now?  A series of some type (yeah, need ideas for that then)?  Any specific scenarios you want to see Lego-ized?  Or, just quit the silliness altogether and grow the heck up*?

Comment below with your ideas!  If it is something particularly…um, interesting…you can always email it and not reveal your sick side to anyone else who reads this blog.

This will be my next purchase, even if I have to starve for a month.  I don't even watch the show (M does) but look how cool!
This will be my next purchase, even if I have to dig through the couch to find gas money eventually.  I don’t even watch the show (M does) but look how cool!  A Green Lantern-lantern!  Chinese Takeout “boxes”!  Spaceship!

*Hahahahahahahhaha.  Right.

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