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A Little Help For a Great Friend

The conversation consists of words being transmitted through instant messenger.  Words on a screen, no inflection or tone.

But you know something is wrong.

What is it, I ask, knowing all too well what it could be.


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Christmas Ideas: Week 2

Before I get into my wish list item for this week, I think we need to take a moment to pay tribute to a beloved member of my bloggity world.

ipod nano spiderman lego
No, not fake-Lego-transparent-Spidey.

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Not Very Wordless Wednesday: Color Therapy

Normally I don’t copy over from my Instagram account to here, but today I am. I needed to brighten things up after being so gloomy for so long.


These are some of the astronauts and spacemen (space people?) in my Lego collection.  I have a few others from themed collections, such as Ice Planet and Galaxy Squad (including the one who comes with the pink uniform Deadpool is wearing in my avatar).  The classic space ones vary greatly in price depending on which version you want (original or reissued) and how willing you are to put up with wear and tear.

Because of all the types of sets released over the years, you can usually find something intergalactic-ish for a few dollars online.  Aliens, robots, astronauts, etc.  You know…if you want to start a collection of your own :-)


(Anti-Matter, the sinister-looking guy on the right, is part of the Ultra Agents series which I don’t think has anything to do with space.  He’s just the indigo/violet in my out-of-order rainbow grouping.)

Most expensive shown:  Anti-Matter, $7.  (hey, he has a cape and glows in the dark!)

Least expensive shown:  Black/White Futuron Spaceman, $1.95

Average cost each:  $3.95

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