This Really Will Be My Last Post on Here (For Real)

Programming notes in case anyone is interested:

  1.  New blog is up and at’em.  Nothing on there yet, but it’s there.  Some of you know where to find me, others haven’t quite yet.  I am pretty much re-following everyone under the new ID but it’s slow going as I insist on reading and commenting along the way.    (If you want to figure out where I am, comment here and I will track you down in a legal, appropriate manner).  Don’t think I don’t like you if I haven’t added you yet!  (or feel free to keep hiding if you don’t want me to!)
  2. WordPress is STILL importing file 1 of 5 of my posts from this blog to the new one.  Four days later.  Grrrrr…
  3. When/if the import completes, I will be taking this space down.  I wasn’t going to at first, but I want to keep the conversations going on the new place if possible.  After some editing to usernames, etc.
  4. I deleted about 300 posts from this blog last week.   Don’t look so shocked now…I knew you wouldn’t notice until I said something.  If you are looking for something in particular and think I trashed it, let me know.  I apologize for all the messed up pingbacks and links…but again, trying to figure out the right way to make this work for me for good this time.
  5. Ending a list on an even number other than ten seems weird, so here’s a fifth item.  Just because.