I’m No Better


Earlier this week, I vague-posted about my ex-husband.  He had been admitted to the hospital with a severe infection in his foot and it was looking like he was going to have to have a partial or complete amputation.  Two years ago he had a partial done on his left foot due to an infection; this time it was his right foot.

I remember asking when he had the left-foot issues if he was diabetic and he said no.  I never questioned it further for many reasons, mainly because he isn’t in my household or on my insurance.  Of course, it turns out he lied to me, kidlet, the rest of his family, and a lot of others.  IHe is not only diabetic, but he refuses to treat the condition, leading to the issues this week.

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Questions? Answers!

It’s time for “Ask Me Anything!”

I got the idea to do this now from Sandy at An Honest Sinner.  She decided to challenge her readers to Truth or Dare yesterday.  Since I am coming off a long work week, planning for A to Z, and not sure if I will blog anything this weekend, this seemed like a good thing for a Friday! So I asked Sandy if I could rip off her idea and she said to go for it :D

Now, don’t make me regret doing this, y’all…


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This is Not That Post

You may have gotten a notice from here earlier about another blog post I had up with a link that now leads to nowhere (I think).

The post was about my ex-husband and his current health issues, with my wondering how much of his past problems are actually in the past and/or causing this current problem.  I was trying to be vague since I was trying to work through some of the assumptions I made.  I was much more specific in the category tags, so I decided to pull it until we had more word on his prognosis.  Yes, he’s my ex, but he’s M’s dad.  I am in my concerned  “mom mode” for my kid’s sake during this.

Sorry for the confusion. Please accept this picture of confused non-Lego Deadpool and his other non-Lego pals in the original post’s place.  I wasn’t sure where I was going with this pic, so if you have an idea of the back story involving this trio, share it in the comments.


Forget Barbie!

There’s a lot of research and thought on the role Barbies and their fashion doll counterparts play on a child’s body image as they grow older.  I know several people who feel it gives children an impossible standard of what beauty really is, or starts the process of warping one’s body image.

Studies and long-term self-esteem issues aside, the idea of being the all-American, California girl was all my friends wanted to be in the 80s.  Barbie was just one example of that ideal.

Of course,  I didn’t want to be a blonde with an all-over tan, bad dye job and nipple-free breasts.  I had a different look I wanted to go for, also somewhat perpetuated by the toy industry at the time.  I wanted to be this person:


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