Attention: Stories Wanted

Almost a year and a half ago, I wrote a post for a website dedicated to sharing stories of mental health, abuse, survival and other highly personal experiences.  That blog was Black Box Warnings, which you may have followed or read until it went offline this year.

The post was about my son’s suicide attempt, and I wrote it the day after it happened.  Even though I have since published my own updates on here, the community and resources offered by that blog during that time when I had no idea what to do were priceless.

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Part of My World (Week 30)


I forget what reminded me of this last week, probably something over on Evil Squirrel’s site, so I decided this week to go for a Flower image. Now, technically, I see that this screen capture is from “Bambi II:  Live Free and Be Hunted” but the image drew me in. What is the skunk so frightened about?  Shocked?  Disgusted?  Did it  do like I did, and put “Bambi Flower” into Google and get some very NSFW sites and images?

Yep, off the subject again, but you know me by now.  Let’s get this challenge started, with a big thank you to Cee for putting this challenge together every week.

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Are We in Rome Yet?


There’s a face I haven’t seen for a while, Philosoraptor!

Funny how one week is dark, and the next is just…different.  Not bad, not great, just strange?   I can’t even describe it really.  I don’t think there was a full moon out last week, but I could be wrong and am too lazy to Google it and find out.    That would explain a lot though…

Enough of that, especially since I am not saying much of anything.  On with how I did last week and the plan for this week!

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Red Hair, Revisited

What to do when sleep deprived and unmotivated to work on a Saturday:  Dye your hair red.  Or part of it at least.  Really red this time.  Not my natural, under all this black dye, fast-fading auburn.     This stuff here:


Target, 6 bucks.   I wanted to try this because it is bright, temporary and well, why not?

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