Shopping Around the World-August Edition

Bacon and Fozzie have a monthly feature called “Shopping Around the World”. I keep meaning to join in, but you know, life and all that gets in the way. Until now!

The list for this month was:

-Water (24 pack of bottles or equivalent)
-Bath Soap
-Laundry Detergent
-Random item of our choosing!

These are the items and prices at Target, here in central Virginia.  It’s close, carries what I need (food, medication, makeup), doesn’t feel crowded like other stores and I get discounts through pharmacy rewards.

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Come Join in on the RawrLove Birthday Wishes!


Happy birthday to our friend Rarasaur!

We are sharing birthday wishes and stories for Rara over on Stories That Must Not Die today. There haven’t been as many updates on her situation, but today is her birthday, so let’s keep her in our thoughts as she spends this year away from her family and friends.

Go on over to Stories to see the post and to comment there. The goal is to get all of these together to send to her, similar to how we sent the original comments of support when she first left.

See you over there!


Lost and Found


Photo credit: Cheri Lucas Rowlands/The Daily Post!

I had been here before, a long time ago.

Right?  It had to be true.

It needs to be true.  I cannot live with the thought that I’ve never been here before.

Where is “here”?

A place of peace.  Quiet.  Tranquility.

Surrounded by beauty and life.

Nothing to worry about under the blue skies, lying in the lush green fields.

Depression?  Not on my mind in this moment, in this place.

Body image?  Who cares what the birds and clouds see or think?

Hatred and abuse? They can’t reach me here.

So you see, I had to have been here before.

Everyone else has, so why not me?

Maybe I was too young or naïve to remember or appreciate it.

Hours spent enjoying the quiet, inside and outside of my mind.

The thought of never having been here before is too sad to contemplate.

But hazy memories of being here before come to me, deep in my dreams.

Those memories helped me keep going, wanting to come back again.

I had tried to return here before, and managed to lose my way more than once.

Now the path on how to get to this place is clearer.

Shortcuts have even been found.

It’s been too long since I last came here.

But I’m a little older, a little wiser, and maybe even a little better.

Now I plan to come here more often.


This is in response to this week’s Writing Challenge:  Build Your Own.