Part of My World (Week 38)


Go away!  Stay away!

The illnesses that have plagued work have gotten worse, and now I have managed to bring home the Black Sniff (like Black Death, only no death and just nasal/chest congestion) to my child.  So I am in bed with the computer and he is sleeping and coughing.   Hooray for copays, because I think the doctor will be a stop this afternoon.

Until then, let’s get to answering this week’s questions.  As always, big thanks to Cee for coordinating this challenge.

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Nerdy Girl-Blogger Problem

Yeah, I found a new site to love last night. Nerd Girl Problems on Tumblr.  There is a version for guys too but I haven’t checked that out to see how different they are.

Since I was up off and all last night, this ended up happening:


Of course this happens to everyone who tries to write just about anything, whether they are nerdy or cool.   I think. I can only speak for one half of that audience :-)

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BYOC: Bring Your Own Carbs

I was going to have muffins at today’s “Ten Things of Thankful While You are Drinking Coffee” post, but the kid sidetracked me recently.  He wanted to argue that muffins are just scones that are properly baked.  That scones are muffins gone wrong.

Ah, kidlet.  Scones and muffins are different!  Everybody knows this.


Scones aren’t that great because they taste dry.  Muffins are great because they are cupcakes disguised as breakfast. They even have the same wrappers! :-)

Unless they are English Muffins, which really shouldn’t be called a “muffin”.  Perhaps “pale hockey puck” instead.  Though, they do make a good toaster “pizza” in moments of desperation…


Well, rather than feed y’all the “wrong” type of coffee klatch carbs, you will just need to bring your own this time.  And of course, your own coffee too since I can’t stand the stuff

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HUGS (again)


Three months later and I am reblogging this.  It has been one of those days.  Or rest of the week between yesterday and today. And I know not just for me either.

Something has got to give and my health just can’t be that thing. Mentally and physically.  Money is important, bills have to be paid, but at what cost this time?

A friend mentioned blanket/pillow forts and I think she is spot on for today, if I could get home.  Another mentioned cashing out, selling all worldly possessions and leaving without a trace to go on an adventure and live off the grid (oh wait, that was my suggestion).  Sigh.

Until then…

Want a hug?
Need a hug?
Take a hug!
Leave a hug.
<3 y’all

Originally posted on Not a Punk Rocker:

This post has a lot of pictures. Oh, and one GIF.  Warning you now…

wpid-virtual_hug_cartoon.gifSome days, I feel very lonely.

Yesterday, for example.  Two hours overtime, plus one hour talking with my boss about the project in general, then hour drive and I didn’t get home until around 9.

When I got home, I did get a kidlet hug.   And while kidlet hugs are da bomb diggity, it wasn’t what completely I needed.   No doubt, if I had hopped online, a lot of y’all would have been there for me.  I appreciate it, probably more than you will ever realize, but yesterday I needed more.

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