Part of My World (Week 35)

286942_Papel-de-Parede-Buzz-e-Rex-Jogando-Videogame-Toy-Story_1920x1080Today is Labor Day, which is a holiday for most places around here.   I would rather be home playing xBox, hoping the other system shows up before the “projected delivery date” of Wednesday.

Instead I am at work.  It’s OK though.  I had a mostly quiet commute this morning. This afternoon? Well, we will have to see…after-holiday traffic is always interesting to navigate.

Thank you again to Cee for coming up with this idea and coordinating this every week.

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That Facebook Book-Thing

wpid-20140829_143326.jpgTotally cheating here…

There’s a meme going around Facebook about listing 10 books that influenced your life and tagging ten friends to participate.  I have been tagged twice now, by fellow bloggers (you may choose to out yourselves if you see this).

Rather than answer on there and try to figure out people who haven’t been tagged already, I am going to put this out here.


(The flowers have nothing to do with this post, but I took this with my phone while covering reception today.  I already used up my cool book pictures.)


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