Part of My World (Week 42)


It’s late (for me) on Monday to be writing and still at work.  I know not a good start to my week, but I promise not to stay at work all night for the next few months.  Besides, I am not actually working, I am going to answer the “Share Your World” questions provided by Cee each week on her website instead!

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On a Clear Day, You Can See Rainbows

Sunday, I was going to get up early, run errands and do housework so I could be ready for “The Walking Dead” at 9 PM.  Instead, I slept in and went out later than I planned.

I’m glad that I ventured out.  The weather was cooler today, with a nice breeze.  The sun was shining bright, so it felt warmer than the actual temperature.  A nice day to be out and about, even for mundane tasks.

When I got home, I noticed sunlight shimmering through my (still) overgrown bangs.  It was after 4 PM and the sun was starting its descent to the west for the night.  After pushing my hair back (again), I looked up in the sky.  The bright light, filtered through the tree threw off beams and seemed to give a slight rainbow effect for a second or so.

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Everybody Wants to Be Me

Dear WordPressers,

Good morning, afternoon or evening.  My name is Wade Wilson, but you may call me Deadpool.  Because it sounds much cooler to have a code name.

You may know me from such hits as Marvel Comics, that bad-but-not-horrible Wolverine movie and this super awesome blog where I appear in Lego form.  Yes,  I am talking about the blog you are on right this minute. Reading my words.  Smarty.

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