Spotted and Owl

Quick post as I am in and out of class today and tomorrow.  

Tuesday, I broke one of my goals for the week and got a Happy Meal on the way home from work.   Yeah, I know, but it was at least a small dose of junk.   Plus, it paid off somewhat…meet Owlyn.


I don’t usually name my desk toys, but Owlyn is an inside joke from another  website.  So there you go, for the few of y’all who know what the hell I’m blathering on about.

Today’s polish look-inspiration is courtesy of JackieP, who mentioned a few weeks ago how great orange with lime green spots would look. I suppose that it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, except that I did this all last minute.

Thanks Jackie for the idea, sorry the execution is lousy.   I had put the orange on earlier in the week.  The spots were last second editions this morning! :-)


Alright, back to class. Hope your day is going better than mine well. Eventually I’ll catch up with what y’all are up to!

PS–Important announcement coming soon on here, I am just too distracted to post it via phone right now. Stay tuned, please!

Cosmic Musicology vs. iPod Shuffle

I was just lamenting my lack of musical posts recently, and how to fix that,when a friend returned from the land of work/real life…STEVE!

Yes, he who generates the three random questions/sentences to be answered by your Zune or other music player of choice is back!  Yay!

4 GB?  But, it's so pretty!

8 GB? But, it’s so pretty!

So, I have a lunch break…let’s see what wisdom my music library has to offer me for today!

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Consistently “Weird”

We are now at Week 4 of Mental Mama’s “7 Weeks of Weird” challenge, which means you get to find another weird thing out about me today.

(Yes, there are actually things you don’t know still, believe it or not.  Except, if you have been around this blog for a bit, you already know a lot of the ones for today.)

This week the question asks what is the weirdest habit or routine that we have?

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Ten Reasons Why I’m Not At That Blog-Thing


1.  California is way on the other side of the country.  Definitely not a day trip.

2.  People.  People, everywhere.  So many people…

3.  Conferences are work, right?  Even the word “networking” has work in it.  I don’t want to work at what is essentially a hobby.  Especially if I have to dress halfway work-appropriate on what would be a day off.

4.  Brand-name/sponsor hash tag games bring out the sarcastic, non-team-player in me.  They are at work conferences I have attended, and I know in the past they have been a part of these bloggity ones too.

For example, expect me to tweet #ILOVEPAPERTOWELS to win a year’s supply?   Not a problem…

@Notapunkrocker– #ILOVEPAPERTOWELS to clean up when I decide to go all Dexter on someone!

@Notapunkrocker– #ILOVEPAPERTOWELS because they have less calories than cookies!

It isn’t about not being part of a group, it’s the blatant marketing ploy via my account.  More so than usual.

5.  All those people, will I have to actually talk to them?  Chit chat? Small talk? SOCIALIZE?!?  Ye gads.

6.  Which name do I go by?  How many people still don’t get that it’s a reference to a Ramones’ song and not Sheena Easton?  Will I need to explain that over and over?

7.  Wait, is that a camera?  Heck no, you can’t use my picture on the site, I don’t care what the fine print says!  (Fine, but it’s gonna be the back of my head, or with my hair in my face again.)

8.  I don’t know the way to San José.

9.  I am not much of a self promoter outside of “normal” social media.  You find me or you don’t.  I don’t like asking people to vote for me in things or to please go to my site.  No problem with those who do that, but as online-extroverted as I am, I still can’t bring myself to ask for that extra attention or scrutiny.

10.  I’d rather be home with my cats, eating crunchy peanut butter straight out of the jar and watching classic movies, trying to think of what to write next for this blog.


I know some of my WordPress friends are going to this, and I know they will have a blast because that IS their element and what they enjoy.  To each their own :-)  Have fun, y’all!