Two Holidays, One Post

Once upon a time, Naptimethoughts tagged me in the Holiday Blog Hop Tour.  Or something like that.  I meant to respond to it, but like me and award posts, I blanked out and was waiting for inspiration.

Then I wake up and find that Evil Squirrel has tagged me in a similar hop, featuring a different holiday.

OK, y’all win.  I give up.  Screw inspiration.  Here’s what I have to offer y’all for today.

I give up

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“Going Hermit” for the Holiday


This is a toy. No, I don’t own it. I draw the line at toy shellfish.

Starting today, at 5:30 PM Eastern, I am off of work for the rest of the month!

Well, rest of the week is more accurate.  Monday is December 1st, so I couldn’t resist. Don’t you love those types of jokes?

Since it is an extremely short week, work is pretty quiet.  Not so quiet that I haven’t had to talk but not phones ringing non-stop or a lot of traffic coming into the office.  Nice for a Tuesday-as-Friday.

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Photo 101: Stained Glass

The theme for today’s challenge was “glass”.   I was considering a picture to take when I realized how dark and rainy it was outside.  Better yet, it’s supposed to snow some tomorrow.  Great!

Rather than take gloomy pictures or try to stage something after work, I went back to the archive.  We could use some color today.   Or at least, I know I could.

These were taken at the same time as the pictures I used for the “Bliss” photo theme, but these works are part of the museum’s permanent collection.

First, here’s a window by Jacques Gruber, “Water Lilies”:


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