Dorky & Dating: What to Share & When?

A friend of mine suggested that I make this a semi-regular feature, bugging y’all for dating advice, stories, etc. since I am not the only one dealing with trying to figure “this” out. My last post on the subject seemed to be popular, so I’ll see what I can come up every few weeks or so.  Just remember, when you get sick of me writing these posts, to please blame my anonymous friend for encouraging this :-)


I mentioned yesterday that I went out and bought shoes for the first time in years.  While I was at the store, I got a couple of other things.  A few shirts, a pair of gloves and these:

wpid-2014-11-23-11.42.31.jpg.jpegThe cashier was very friendly and commented that my daughter and husband would probably really like these watches.   I don’t think she was trying to be rude, I think she just figured a not-far-from-40 woman would not be buying these for herself.

Well, you know that I was, because you know me.  Since I don’t care for other jewelry, watches are my “thing”, preferably larger ones like these. I figured I would treat myself since I was already splurging on shoes.   The character references were just the icing on the pink and black cupcake.

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If We Met for Hot Chocolate…

The “If We Met for Coffee…” post series was started by Diana at Part Time Monster I don’t drink coffee but still try to take part when I can…because not all rambles of mine are worth a full post of their own.  :-) 

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts, but tonight seems like a good time to come back to this series.  It’s just a little after 7 PM and it is very, very dark outside.  The temperatures are dropping, though not as bad as a few days ago.  Perfect night to hang out, chat and have some hot chocolate.  I even bought mini candy canes to melt into mine. No, really, it’s really good.


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Addressing the Rumors

I think I need to clear some things up…

Yes, this time last year I was in “like” with somebody.

Yes, I have been told I look younger than my age.   I don’t necessarily agree but I am not going to fight that battle.

Yes, I am OK with long-distance relationships. No, they aren’t doomed to failure.  Yes, they take hella lot of work.


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Photo 101: Lazy Lakescape

After the fun of trying to convey the word “swarm” in a photo yesterday, you would think I would be anxious to take an actual picture for “landscape”.

Except, I am off today and being lazy.   Perhaps I shall try to take a new landscape picture over the weekend, but today you get Matthew and Taylor on a lake.


He’s wearing the hoodie he lent her at Busch Gardens in the picture I used for “moment”, was two weeks later.   It was a pretty brisk day and they pedaled the boat for well over an hour. 

They ended getting misted by the fountain and spent some time chasing after a goose.   I don’t think the goose knew or just never really felt threatened by this dynamic duo. Those pictures are great, but they show Taylor’s face so I won’t post those.

Ah, young love.  They dated for another seven months or so after this.   Looks like it was fun while it lasted :-)

Taken with the Droid X stock camera app, no filter.